Log and retrieve data using Orange Pi

Recently I bought an Orange Pi PC which is a small single-board computer. It is similar to Raspberry Pi 3 but costs about one third of the price. To testing it's long term functionality and reliability for future purposes I built a setup where I use it as a data logger in the following Internet of Things project.


WiFi for everything #4 - Fish feeder

Some people have dog, others own cat. I have freshwater aquarium with fish. Sometimes I forget to feed them in the morning, then I leave the house. So, what is the solution?


WiFi for everything #3 - HTTP Server

Time did not stop. I keep going with the development of my ESP8266 WiFi module's C library. I have now a very well working own HTTP server layer with lots of capabilities. Let's check out my test application.


WiFi for everything #2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I tried to transfer data over TCP connection. It succeeded, but it was not so easy. There were difficulties on both sides of the communication.


WiFi for everything

A few years ago making a hobby circuit WiFi capable costed at least 30$-40$. In the past year Espressif Systems introduced a very cheap and smart solution for WiFi connectivity.
In my old-new blog I am going to present my applications and experiments regarding it's new WiFi product.


Getting started with Xilinx CPLDs

CPLD stands for Complex Programmable Logic Device. It is used for implementing logic using macrocells - it has not software, the hardware is "programmed". In the future I need it to adressing an SRAM, which is important for making a CMOS camera working...